Last Minute Gift Ideas For Moms Who Love To Cook

Mother's Day Image

Holy moly!  Is Mother’s Day really this weekend???  For those husbands and kiddos who shop at the last minute, here are some of the kitchen tools that I can’t live without, plus some great recommendations from our readers.  If you have a mom who enjoys cooking healthy foods for your family, she will love opening [...]

Healthy Recipe Ideas for Cinco de Mayo

Cinco De Mayo - thehealthysupermom

We love to celebrate Mexican heritage with a little SPICE at our house!  Mexican food can be high in fat and calories, but we’ve rounded up recipes for healthy dishes that are absolutely delicious.  Jalapenos optional. I didn’t believe fish tacos could be so delicious until I tried them!  I recommend using olive oil in [...]

What I Learned During Our First Trip to Disney World with Our Toddler

Disney Advice - The Healthy Supermom

Last week we made the trek to the most magical place on earth with our princess crazed two year old.  Although we had visited before as adults, visiting with a young child for the first time is a whole new ballgame.  Armed with great advice from friends, we visited the Magic Kingdom (twice), Epcot, Hollywood [...]

Egg-celent Non-Candy Plastic Easter Egg Fillers

Photo credit: Philip Dean

I can’t wait for this year’s Easter egg hunt… and I can’t believe that I’m actually almost ready for it thanks to the “research” (shopping) I’ve been doing for the blog!   I found so many fun tiny toys over the weekend and picked up several of these items in the dollar bins at Target [...]

Easy Zucchini Boats Recipe

zucchini boats-The Healthy Supermom

Zucchini season is almost here!  In most areas, it starts in May and ends in September.  Zucchini is a great source of folate, potassium and vitamins A and C.  It’s low in calories and can be steamed, baked or grilled.  Smaller, younger zucchini tend to have more flavor.    Be sure to look for organic whenever [...]

150 Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas

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So far, Easter has been pretty easy because our daughter is only 2 ½ years old and is so excited just to learn about the Easter Bunny, hunt for eggs and be part of the festivities.  There is no expectation of candy – at least not yet!  This year is a little more challenging because [...]

Green Ideas for a Happy, Healthy and Dye Free St. Patrick’s Day

Green Ideas

Even though our family isn’t Irish, St. Patrick’s Day has always been one of our favorite holidays.  I can’t wait to introduce my daughter to all the fun St. Patrick’s Day traditions!  Like many families we’ve made the decision to avoid food dyes as much as possible, so we’ve come up with some ideas to [...]

Special Feature: Handmade Children’s Clothing

Blu Moon Design

Please welcome today’s guest blogger, Kristi Brady!  Kristi is one of my oldest and dearest friends, going all the way back to elementary school.  She’s an amazing Supermom and started a very successful children’s clothing design business.  One of her designs was recently seen on Parenthood!  I’ve purchased several of Kristi’s Blu Moon Design dresses [...]

Cauliflower Incognito

Cauliflower Incognito The Healthy Supermom

Today’s Recipe Round-Up is all about the power of cauliflower!  Cauliflower is high in fiber, folate, vitamin C and vitamin K.  It also contains several phytochemicals that may help prevent many types of cancer. In addition to being such a healthy food, cauliflower is one of the most versatile veggies out there!  It can be [...]

Ten Healthy And Delicious Alternatives To Potato Chips

Healthy Supermom Chip Alternatives

 Potato chips are a favorite comfort food for many, but these tasty little snacks really pack a punch with around 150 calories and 150mg of salt for a serving size of just 15 chips!  And come on, who really stops at 15?? Watch out for store-bought “Veggie Chips” too!  Below is a label for Veggie [...]